Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Things got a little kooky at another Durham yard sale on Saturday. This is E. who won state champion in baton twirling back in the day. Thanks so much for letting me post this footage, E. You know who you are. We here at Small Pictures are truly honored.

Watch the Video


pinky pinkerson said...

i love your movies.

do they have sound and I just can't hear it?

i zimbra said...

Sorry, no sound usually, Pinky. I shoot these bits of footage on a still digital camera that doesn't have a mic. Someday I'll get sophisticated and add a music track, or something, using iMovie. Although, sometimes the cuts in the video track produce little clicks on the audio track b/c it's so low fi. This was true for the "meter" entry a while back, I think.

sky said...

like the video. more videos please.