Saturday, August 19, 2006


On the way to and from Montreal, I took some little movies of the road. I'm one of those people that is impressed by bridges and monstrous highways. They dwarf the cars and it ends up being sort of beautiful.

There is a place near Atlanta where the roads snake together like some of these roads do. Do they have names for these like they do for bridges? They must.

Both of the movies posted today have sound and they take a tad longer to load than the others. The soundtrack for this one is a song by Antonio Carlos Jobim entitled, "Insentiez". It's a little over the top for this but oh well. I think the pacing works anyway.

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Jerry said...

The combination of driving footage and lite jazz reminds me of some of the scenes from "Manos: Hands of Fate." Except your scenes are much better shot, and the music is much better.

i zimbra said...

Really? Wow, I haven't seen that but thanks. I wish there was a map of all of the great highway intersections. They probably have names like I40cdf/54.

Elrond Hubbard said...

In Atlanta, isn't that called Spaghetti Junction? I know someone that figured out how to drive on the very top road of Spaghetti Junction. It is the long ramp between X-bound lane of one interstate, and the X-bound lane of another. He figured it out, positioned his car appropriately, and drove it by God, arcing through that slightly banking turn hundreds of feet above ground.

Speaking of driving footage, let's not forget that awful boring-ass scene in Tarkovski's "Solaris."