Saturday, February 25, 2006


This is a music box. The birds move with the inside mechanism because they have magnets on their backsides. Magnets on your butt!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


There is a train that runs alongside the bike path I take to school every day.


Okay so the bedroom is the bird room now. I've got 6 framed drawings of birds, birds at the birdfeeder curtains that I made, and some big fake crows up on a shelf. I want more bird stuff but it has to be representational - I think it's more weird that way. (Yeah, I know it's weird to want a weird bedroom but it's the only room that's totally mine and I wanted to try out this idea that birds, en masse, are creepy. Just one bird? Cute! But a lot of birds? Get outta here!)

Anyway, the drinking bird (below) is the star of the bedroom even though she is not representational. But she's allowed because she's got chutzpah! She's the life of the party. But she's always thirsty! We cater to her every need. We are slaves to the drinking bird, we are.