Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Fun on the trampoline. Stay tuned for a collage-type movie of different people on the trampoline. I need clearance from one more person.


Jerry said...

Even though I know these movies are silent, this one made me turn up my speakers, thoroughly expecting to hear "boing... boing... boing..." You know, just like the sound that kangaroos and rabbits make when they jump. In cartoons.

i zimbra said...

I told my partner (who you know, of course) that he should find the musak version of Jump! by Van Halen so that I could put it in here. Actually, he came up with that idea and I "assigned" it to him. I don't know if that was very nice of me but that's how I felt when he said that! It would be cool.

Urgh - I hope I get an "okay" from the last friend in the other jumping video because the sound issue actually becomes interesting. The audio track has little blips on it because the video track is so lo-fi. It makes it fun when you loop little clips. Click click click!

Jerry said...

If you can't find the Muzak version, there's always the Aztec Camera version.