Thursday, June 29, 2006


I'm obsessed with electricity meters and Greenland melting. Is stealing electricity beneath me? I can only think of a few friends of mine that would not steal electricity if they were given the chance and they were really struggling to pay the bill. I want to talk to more people who went through the oil crises of the 1970s. Was gas syphoning really a myth? Who did it? I want to know more. Write a comment!

This one is dedicated to the luscious Duke Power Company, you mysterious monopoly, you...

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Jerry said...

Oh, man. I used to be obsessed with the spinning wheels in the electric meters. My grandparents were extremely thrifty, and their wheel used to just crawl. I subconsciously began to link wheel speed with moral character -- the slower your wheel, the less extravagant you were, and therefore you were a better person. I don't even know where the electric meter is for my apartment, but I'd hate to see it right now.

I remember being in exactly one gas line, in Asheville, in about 1977. Maybe I was in more than one, and this one is just my representative memory. I don't remember many details; just that there was a line.

This may be the longest reply I've ever left on anybody's blog. I can't imagine how much energy I've wasted by having the little comment window open this long. Sorry, Al.

i zimbra said...

Jerry, thanks so much for coming here.

I never noticed the wheels on electric meters before. It's a combination of being oblivious and their past, non-obvious locations. We have a whopping three in our patio section and the corresponding apartments don't have access to theirs. At any rate, they are a rare, visual cue of our energy consumption. It's actually really cool.

I have a pretty hard time sleeping when it's hot and the AC is a serious luxury. But part of me thinks that reality goes further than what it is costing me - but what it's really doing outside. If it's hot outside, shouldn't I be able to accept that reality and feel that temperature? I shouldn't be such a pussy. My body would adjust if given a chance.

I am too young to remember any gas lines. When I try to picture them, they are in Polaroid and Kodachrome type hues and people are sweating, tense, and sometimes worried. I think about what it will be like in a few years (at the most, ten) when this will be more of an issue. The gas companies have gone through re-monopolization, grown fat, and emboldened since the 1970s and it will be harder to convince them to change course.