Monday, April 02, 2007


Durham, NC. Corner of Morgan and Morris- My first car crash occurred last night. I am in the car with the dotted lines. The blue car was stolen and being chased by a cop. As I was attempting to pull into the RBC Centura lot, I got side swiped and did a 180. It was a "drive by" type of thing.

Some notes:
1. Thank you Christa, DATA bus driver who was in the parked car by Centura bank. She saw everything, got out of her car, called 911 immediately on her cell, and hugged me because I was freaked out and upset. I hit my head on my window and the car got smooshed in pretty good on the drivers side. I wouldn't have known what to do AT ALL if she had not been there as I don't have a cell phone and I was facing the opposite way all of a sudden for no apparent reason.

2. This is not the best drawing of the accident (Morgan is three lanes, I think, etc. etc.).

3. For once, something besides grad school caused me to freak out! Hooray. After everything got reported to the police, I drove home and danced around with the cat. My priorities? Realigned, yo. Not world shifting or anything but it really helps to get out of my little bubble.

4. Cars suck. We shouldn't have set things up this way. I crashed into a pedestrian on my bicycle once and aside from the embarrassment, we were completely unscathed. Transportation is key to meeting the needs of large populations but the car option is too expensive and unhealthy. The use of automobiles promotes individualism to the detriment of community bonds, generates false symbols of wealth that help to separate and stratify people, and reinforces a culture of spontaneity which, although not inherently problematic, hurts our ability to think in the long term about how our actions affect others despite good intentions.

5. My car still drives quite well. I will file an insurance claim and everything but body work is the only thing that is needed. Last night J. declared that I would "drive my car into the ground". And to think that I used to be a bit proud of my Toyota. When I first got it, I gave it baths and attempted to wax it and stuff. If the insurance won't cover the body work (quite possible) I'm going to be tempted to enter demo derbys. Seriously. If you're going to drive a beater, go all the way.


Jerry said...

Holy dang! Glad you're okay, and able to produce such an impressive-looking diagram. Did they at least catch the car-thievin' hit 'n' runner?

Jen said...
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Laurie said...
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i zimbra said...

Sorry, people, Blogger's got this new thing now where it grabs my name from Gmail and reported my real name when I replied to Jerry. My still semi-anonymous reply is that they did catch the person who stole the car. It was oddly satisfying to see the minor damage to his car if for nothing but to see my car's paint. It was like this strange realization that all of the puzzle pieces did actually make sense. Losing time - even just a second - must really freak me out at some level.

Jamy said...

Scary! Glad you're ok.r

Elrond Hubbard said...

Good gracious! I'm glad too that you're okay. It's amazing how these things happen out of nowhere. Hey, you going to Full Frame?