Sunday, February 18, 2007


Here is Blueberry, one of the neighborhood cats. I realize that there are many social risks that I take when I admit to you that I really like this cat. I don't live alone and I don't own any cats. But, like most cats, she's not just some random animal that I have chosen to like. There are varying characteristics that I find particularly "cute" about her, if you will. But I will not go into them here. Because I AM NOT A CRAZY PERSON. She's not even that special. But, let it be known that she does have a white spot at the end of her tail, she has blue eyes, and she responds to her name. I think these are objectively good traits that just about anyone would think attractive in a cat. Thus, this still makes me 100% sane. And she also has a white belly. And she rolls around in the dirt sometimes. Okay, see? That's it.

Another topic I would like to address is Asia Cafe on Franklin Street. I visit this establishment at least once a month for lunch. Sometimes once a week. I find it is particularly fascinating for a few different reasons. First, the food is not very good. I think they have specials, sometimes, on the weekend which must be good because, otherwise, I have no idea why anyone would frequent this establishment. However, despite the poor food quality, I go. Secondly, I've noticed that I have never gone with anyone to this establishment. Like, I never, ever would suggest that a friend or acquaintance join me on any visits to Asia Cafe. I mean, that would be embarrassing because of the first reason alone but also because people tend eat alone there. It's just this thing that you DON'T DO at Asia Cafe. I've noticed that companionship is frowned upon there. Not by the administration, necessarily, but by other clientele. And by "noticing" I mean, "I have noticed other people frowning when people bring friends there."

Third, I find that my visits to Asia Cafe have an urgent air to them. I never "choose" to go to Asia Cafe, for example. I just find myself bending over the same styrofoam slop and then later notice that I am no longer hungry. This is not to say that I don't NOT enjoy going to Asia Cafe. I do, actually, enjoy Asia Cafe. But it is definitely not for any of the normal reasons to like an eating establishment. Usually people like particular restaurants because they serve good food, have good service, and have a reasonable sense of ambiance. Asia Cafe has none of these characteristics. None whatsoever. In fact, if it is wintertime, you will often find yourself quite cold in Asia Cafe. They don't seem to have any heat. And the trays, should you decide to use one, are incredibly sticky. So I guess you can't even say that it is comfortable eating in Asia Cafe. It is, in fact, kind of a chore. Still, I go. I must go to Asia Cafe.


Elrond Hubbard said...

A-men sister. I feel exactly the same way about Asia cafe and have the same experience there. And, I feel that way about Valentine's Day as well. When I eat at Asia Cafe, I have a vision of myself 30 years from now still eating at Asia Cafe in the same manner. Alone. As response to Hemingway's "A Clean, Well Lighted Place" someone should write "A Dingy, Dim and Lonely Place." It's like an airport bar at 3 am in there, 24/7. All loners, all transient, all tolerating the food and not knowing why they're there. The sidewalk outside may be bright, the people passing to-and-fro purposeful, while the interior is a thousand miles away, stagnant, the ghost town after the railroad quit running. It's like, don't the proprietors visit other Franklin Street establishments? Haven't they heard of sconces? Fresh veggies? Local brews? No, nothing like that. They'll stick with mall-caliber fare, thank you very much. It's been working for years, why change now?

Jamy said...

I think I used to go there with JG and PP. Maybe I'm thinking of somewhere else. They'd always get hot and sour soup and rice. I'd get a regular entree.

Let's not go there the next time I visit.

Also, you should get a cat.

Jerry said...

Weirdly enough, I was with Elrond the last time I ate at Asia Cafe. The food there tastes like a bus station smells.

i zimbra said...

I think it would be funny to hang out in Asia Cafe, just as an experiment. Get a pot of tea, set up your laptop, read, and just sort of set up camp. The other clientele might even be amused.

Does anyone remember their lucky bamboo phase? They attempted to sell lucky bamboo (little plants) in small ceramic vases. They eventually all died. This parallels their experience with pet fish as well. Nothing thrives in Asia Cafe.

J is allergic to cats. I really prefer other people's cats for now.