Saturday, September 16, 2006


Ever since Montreal, my new thing is to eat a soft boiled egg in the morning. I have a new hi-tech egg timer and it works really well so I can get it just right. But you have to eat it with good bread or else it's not worth it. You gotta dip, man.

We didn't have any bread at all so I biked over to the local farmers market which is still going strong this time of year. There were a lot of tomatoes, herbs, eggplant and some squash is starting to come in now. And peppers. Here's Alex from Peregrine Farm roasting some peppers. Buy 2 pounds and the roasting is free(!) Then you put them in a paper bag, wait for them to cool down, and peel off the skins. Not pictured: butane tank.


Jerry said...

I'm a little confused as to why it's the "Egg Per'fect" timer. Why the apostrophe? What has been omitted between "per" and "fect" to form this contraction? What am I missing? Do I just not eat enough soft-boiled eggs? (Probably not.)

i zimbra said...

Those of us who eat soft-boiled eggs know that there is a 4 letter word in between the "per" and "fect" for this particular egg timer. Because it's so awesome.

Soft-boiled egg update: I broke down and bought an egg cup.