Monday, May 08, 2006


All right, I give in. It's just too cool not to mention.

Billy Sugarfix wrote a rap about Carrboro and Jason Meeks and Brian Risk shot a video for it in which much of the town's businesses and people are featured (including the mayor). I had no idea that people loved Carrboro this much. (I do, too.) You can see the video tonight at the Cat's Cradle. Come at 8:30, pay $3.

You should really check out the lyrics at their website. Sort of Lazy Sunday-ish but you know, more Carrboro-y.

Here's an article about the shoot as well. That's where I stole these photos.

Jason Meeks, director.  Photo by John Rottet

photo by John Rottet

More of my own videos soon. But I trust that you saw the Stephen Colbert one?


Jamy said...

This is hysterical. I had no idea. Thanks for posting.

Jerry said...

I wish I had gone to Flicker to see the debut. I wish I had heard about the video shoot. I wish I was taking a nap right now. I wish I had more money. "I Wish," by Stevie Wonder, is a pretty fantastic song.

i zimbra said...

Never fear - you can now view the It's Carrboro video via their website. So far, it's my number one pick for 2006. :)