Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I won't say exactly why I found myself in the parking lot of Wendy's just now. But I did. It happened, yes, I admit it. Anyway, something caught my eye as I was in the parking lot. Something getting all excited about their big streetlight, way, way, way up there in the air. But it wasn't any ordinary moth. It was a huge Mothra moth! Or butterfly? Am I confused?

To be clear, I'm not sure why the creature suddenly got tired and was laying down and being all still for me while I took its picture. I hope it is not sick. I'm thinking that it's okay because it was flying just seconds before it started hanging out on the ground. But still, why would it do this unless it was sick? Anyway, I hope my poking does not look too menacing. I feel bad that I poked it. But I did.



Mary said...

I think that was a Luna Moth. Like in those Lunesta sleeping pill commercials. But the moth came first, and the pharmaceutical company is probably using its name without its permission! That must be why the moth was sad. Or tired from fighting The Man. Probably just resting. I'm sure your poking didn't hurt it at all.

i zimbra said...

Yes! Here is a photo of a Luna moth:

Mary knows about everything that flies. It is awesome.

I think Ms. Mothra has got some royalties coming to her from Lunesta....

Jerry said...

Poking can't hurt as much as having your identity stolen by GlaxoSmithKline.

pinky pinkerson said...

that thing is an alien from space. i'm sure it transmitted your life force to the mothership, when you poked it.