Sunday, March 05, 2006


On Friday Gary Baseman was in town for a few hours. He does amazing artwork, works on the animated series, "Teacher's Pet", and is probably best known for the look of the Cranium board game. Here's a little movie of him drawing in my friend's book.

And here's a still photo of the finished little guy that he drew.


pinky pinkerson said...

he was here?! I love Gary Baseman!

My most recent picture was nabbed from the Teacher's Pet movie, which I really enjoyed :-)

i zimbra said...

Yay! Someone commented. I know people are having trouble watching the movies on here so thanks for your patience.

So yeah, to answer your question, lovely Pinky, Gary Baseman sure was here. At Wootini. For 2 hours before he went to Raleigh, I think, for a thingy. Is Teacher's Pet a movie and not a series? Oopsy. We've got his new book now and he is one twisted dude. I love him. Lots of pinatas with organs and stuff. I assume that he leaves that out of Teacher's Pet.